Katya Vadim Greco Art
Art treats your heart with the comfort of feeling.  Art treats your soul with the gift of expressing.

Art treats your mind with thoughts of pleasure.  Art treats your eyes with the beauty of the world.

Most important of all, Art teaches and tells the story…

​Inspired by Katya Greco
Self Portrait
I find the greatest pleasure of painting portraits and try to capture the essence of each person and bring their personality to life.
One of my favorites is of "Diana" the little blonde hair girl in blue. She had such a shyness and curiosity at the same time that it made her personality step out onto the canvas.
I am avilable to make exclusive portraits for any occasion.

  1. "Liza" - Graduation
  2. "Nicole & Mickey" - A Christmas Gift
  3. "Diana" A Mothers Gift
  4. "Ackerman Tree Service" A Company Portrait
  5. "Great Grandparents" A Tribute
  6. "Family Portrait" A Christmas Gift
  7. "Katya" - Professional
  8. "The Girl In Blue" Grandmothers Gift!
  9. "Florence Greco" The Matriarch 80th Birthday Gift
  10. "Joseph Greco" The Family Patriarch
  11. " Dr Lunsford" A Life Saver
  12. "Lindsay" Family
  13. "Nina" A Fathers Gift
  14. "Self Portrait" Celebrating Life