Katya Vadim Greco Art
Art treats your heart with the comfort of feeling.  Art treats your soul with the gift of expressing.

Art treats your mind with thoughts of pleasure.  Art treats your eyes with the beauty of the world.

Most important of all, Art teaches and tells the story…

​Inspired by Katya Greco
The Dreams of 30 years....​​

When I worked in the Kiev museum there were two paintings on the subjects of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I was fascinated to look at them and retell the story for tours and lectures.
Gluck's opera, Orfeo ed Euridice,  has always been one of my favorites, all the productions on various stages have been revised and this music often sounds in my studio during my work. I was fortunate to see a live performance and immerse myself in the idea of this myth.
I sing to myself often and listen to my favorite aria's as I always dreamed of creating my own world of Orpheus. For the last three years this idea has not left me and I cautiously proceeded in moments, step by step and approached my own reflection of this myth. 
Suddenly everything came together like in a dream or like a flower from a bud, the appearance of my future work: the lines, the colors, the sounds, the movements and it was all revealed.
I followed these discoveries for three days, creating my Orpheus.

Here he is...


30" x 40"

Graphite Pencil, Indian ink and Acrylic on

Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
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