Katya Vadim Greco Art
Art treats your heart with the comfort of feeling.  Art treats your soul with the gift of expressing.

Art treats your mind with thoughts of pleasure.  Art treats your eyes with the beauty of the world.

Most important of all, Art teaches and tells the story…

​Inspired by Katya Greco
"Bringing to life moments in time to share for eternity"
Welcome to Katya Vadim Greco Art Studio/Gallery
My Works:

I challenge myself every time I paint. When inspired I seize the moment to put paint to canvas as my vision is formed in my thoughts.

Dear Guest, 

Welcome to Katya Vadim Greco Art ! I am very pleased to be able to create exclusive hand painted original works which are available to the public. I want to take this time to share with you my background and love for art! 

I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. I was blessed to come from a family of artists and art historians which influenced my journey in the art world. I started at a very young age learning from my family how to draw, paint and express the beauty of nature that surrounded me when I was a child.  My family noticed that I was a quick study and I had natural talents that needed to be explored. With the support and encouragement of my family, I was accepted and graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma from Shevchenko State Art School.  My education continued with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theory and History of Arts from State Art Institute of Kiev, which is now, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.  After completing my bachelors, I accepted a position with Museum of Western and Oriental Art in Kiev, which is now known as Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Art. 

In 1994 I immigrated to the United States and made Pittsburgh, PA my home. I worked very hard and enrolled in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design while I obtained my U.S. Citizenship. I traveled to Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean to visit many of the top museums in the pursuit of studying art. When I was not traveling abroad, I spent my free time in Pittsburgh visiting the Frick, Carnegie and Warhol Museums.

I now live in Swissvale, PA where I have my Gallery/Studio at my residence. I find my inspiration with spring flowers and blooming trees to create my still life works. I enjoy painting friends, family and pets for portraits and world travels to paint the joys of a landscape. With recent additions of Venetian masks, which I find very fascinating and mysterious to tell the "story behind the mask"!

I hope you find the appreciation that I have for painting through my works and the beauty that I see every day. It gives me great pleasure when I can provide joy to others with my paintings!


Katya Greco