Katya Vadim Greco Art
Art treats your heart with the comfort of feeling.  Art treats your soul with the gift of expressing.

Art treats your mind with thoughts of pleasure.  Art treats your eyes with the beauty of the world.

Most important of all, Art teaches and tells the story…

​Inspired by Katya Greco
We hope you enjoy the paintings of portraits, still life, landscapes and Venetians that are displayed throughout the website. 
Katya has taken many old world techniques, styles, education and professional experiences to present a variety of works for your enjoyment.  
The spectrum of colors and her life like portrayal makes you feel that you are with Katya as she transforms her works into a beautiful portrait or a painting of Magnolia.
Please take your time to navigate and view these works which can be available for you to enjoy at your home, office or special place that needs some color to brighten your mood. 
You have an opportunity to purchase originals, prints or have Katya create a beautiful work of art for yourself or as a gift.