"Bringing to life moments in time to share for eternity"


7109 Church St. Pittsburgh, PA 15218 (Swissvale)

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Welcome to Katya Vadim Greco Art
My Works:

I challenge myself every time I paint. When inspired I seize the moment to put paint to canvas as my vision is formed in my thoughts: 
​"Bringing to life moments in time to share for eternity"

Dear Guest, 

Welcome to Katya Vadim Greco Art ! I am very pleased to be able to create exclusive hand painted original works which are available to the public. I want to take this time to share with you my background and love for art! 

I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. I was blessed to come from a family of artists and art historians which influenced my journey in the art world. I started at a very young age learning from my family how to draw, paint and express the beauty of nature that surrounded me when I was a child.  My family noticed that I was a quick study and I had natural talents that needed to be explored. With the support and encouragement of my family, I was accepted and graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma from Shevchenko State Art School.  My education continued with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theory and History of Arts from State Art Institute of Kiev, which is now, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.  After completing my bachelors, I accepted a position with Museum of Western and Oriental Art in Kiev, which is now known as Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Art. 

In 1994 I immigrated to the United States and made Pittsburgh, PA my home. I worked very hard and enrolled in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design while I obtained my U.S. Citizenship. I traveled to Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean to visit many of the top museums in the pursuit of studying art. When I was not traveling abroad, I spent my free time in Pittsburgh visiting the Frick, Carnegie and Warhol Museums.

I now live in Swissvale, PA where I have my Gallery/Studio at my residence. I find my inspiration with spring flowers and blooming trees to create my still life works. I enjoy painting friends, family and pets for portraits and world travels to paint the joys of a landscape. With recent additions of Venetian masks, which I find very fascinating and mysterious to tell the "story behind the mask"!

I hope you find the appreciation that I have for painting through my works and the beauty that I see every day. It gives me great pleasure when I can provide joy to others with my paintings!


Katya Greco